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Testimonials from Chairs of Governors

Ogbourne Primary School:

We decided that in order to give our children the very best opportunities in their education, and to ensure we continue to deliver outstanding results, the best way forward was to join with the Excalibur Academy Trust.

Students are now offered an incredible all through learning experience with a wider range of opportunities. Staff and Governors also benefit from sharing best practice, levels of professional support and a way of tapping into other resources.

We have all of the above whilst being able to maintain independence and the characteristics of a village school.

Easton Royal Academy:

As a small school, our financial spending power was weak, but this lack of flexibility disappeared when we became part of a large Multi Academy Trust. Our student numbers have grown – we are almost at capacity - and our financial future is secure for the foreseeable future.

We have therefore been able to appoint a staff team where standards of attainment are rising, children are happy and safe in their school environment and parents are confident that their children will receive the learning experience they deserve. We are also able to utilise the expertise of specialist teachers across the Trust to enhance and benefit that learning experience.

Being part of Excalibur MAT has lifted the burden of day to day administration from the Principal and teachers and allowed them and the Local Governing Body to concentrate on the standard and quality of education, the welfare of the pupils and relationship between the academy and local community.

Burbage Primary School:

Burbage Primary School has gone from strength to strength since becoming part of the Excalibur Academy Trust. The support given to the leadership team and Governing Body has enabled the school to secure and maintain rapid and considerable improvement.

Our school benefits from excellent staff, an inspiring curriculum, happy children and a wonderful and supportive community. As an active member of the Excalibur family of schools, we enjoy working together to share best practice and resources and provide amazing learning opportunities for all the children in our schools.