What We Offer

Outstanding Teaching and Learning

The core philosophy of Excalibur Academies Trust is to ensure that in all academies are delivering outstanding teaching and learning.

We therefore ensure that there is the following in place from the trust to support this in all our academies.

  • Outstanding professional development and support to ensure consistent standards and approach across the Trust
  • Clear structured plans for all academies to provide clear support to ensure outstanding is reached by all
  • Plans and supported are reviewed every term by team and school for effectiveness and adjusted according to need
  • Agree common timescales and methodology  of assessment for effective progress monitoring including common SEF and KPI framework
  • Working together regarding new approaches to assessment across the trust
  • A strong team of support including Primary and Secondary Heads of Education and a team of regional subject leads to support academies
  • Joint accountability and responsibility of the Head of Education and Principal for the academies education performance
  • Trust school reviews to moderate on going quality of provision for students
  • Routine analysis of performance every 12 weeks by Academy and Trust Performance Evaluation Committee
  • Six weekly analysis of performance by Head of Academy Improvement through regularly meetings with Principals
  • Strong collaboration across the Trust Academies through joint CPD and link MLT and SLT across schools sharing outstanding practice
  • Joint moderation meetings across phases
  • Capacity to intervene where necessary.

Outstanding Curriculum

Excalibur academies have a curriculum that has a strong international focus and embedded within it are strong clear values.

All academies follow a curriculum they consider to be appropriate for their students and their communities. All curricula engage, motivate and inspire our students while ensuring they have an international focus and prepare students for success in changing world through the promoting of tolerance, curiosity, independence and respect.

Being a part of a MAT our academies have the autonomy to be innovative in their approach to curriculum – this may be through developing bespoke projects or offering qualifications outside of the norm. All academies offer outstanding enrichment activities within the academy terms and also during the holiday period. The academies will often work across the Trust on projects and curricular offers.

We ensure the core values are delivered in the curriculum through the monitoring of academies teaching and learning by the Director of Teaching and Learning who also leads on curriculum innovation and development. The Directors of TandL are line managed by the Head of Academy Improvement.

Curriculum Aims

Excalibur children are. . .

Active Learners who are independent thinkers with a love of enquiry and challenge; who are equipped with the skills to regulate their own learning in order to make excellent progress and achieve their full potential.

In addition to their excellent subject knowledge and skills, Excalibur children are confident in the skills that they need to become life-long learners. They ask big questions and set their own goals based on outstanding feedback about their learning; they can

evaluate their own projects and overcome challenges in order to succeed.

Creative and Confident Individuals who are able to lead safe, happy and fulfilling lives and are able to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in a range of different ways.

Excalibur children are effective collaborators and they are able to take on a range of roles within a team; they are able to use their confidence to support and encourage the development of others.

21st Century Citizens who play an active role in their local and global community. Excalibur children recognise and value difference and diversity and respect others for who they are. They understand and appreciate different beliefs and cultures.

The curriculum gives children a developing understanding of how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically and environmentally. Children have an awareness of the wider world and gives children a sense of their own developing roles as world citizens.

Outstanding Leadership

Excalibur believes in outstanding leadership at all levels and by collaborating with and challenging each other we can ensure that all levels of leadership are at this level.

Effective governance in the Trust will be supported through the following levels:

  • Trust members – the guardians of the constitution
  • Trust Board – the Directors/Trustees
  • Trust sub – committees
  • Principals and the LGB Chairs Forum
  • Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) – The Academy Governors
  • The Executive Team – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other senior leaders

Outstanding Achievement

All academies are expected to raise the aspirations and achievement of their students.

All students should receive an outstanding  education and therefore be able to achieve their best to ensure they have excellent life choices.

Excalibur sets clear performance objectives for all its academies, based on all academies within two years of joining, achieving above the National Average for progress measures.

Excalibur’s central team supports schools to achieve these objectives with a range of strategies from strong collaboration work to intense focused intervention.

We are ambitious for all our academies and therefore the communities they serve – learning for today… leading tomorrow.

Outstanding Behaviour and Wellbeing

For children to be successful they need to be happy.

This is one of the core beliefs of the Excalibur Academies Trust.

We wish to ensure that all children in our academies are supported in their life in and out of school so they can access their learning feeling safe and content.

We believe in promoting a growth mindset in all that we do and challenging students to be reflective on their own learning as well as developing themselves through a clear understanding of how they approach issues and problems.

Structures and systems are important to ensure children can develop within their school understanding what is expected of them to support them to learn. Excalibur will work with its academies to develop students responsibility for their own behaviours which is underpinned by strong organisational policies and practices individual to the schools.