• Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use
    to change the world
    Nelson Mandela


Ogbourne is an Excellent School…

Principal Richard Smith and Ogbourne pupils

… but you don’t just have to take our word for it – this is the judgement of the SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspector.

In addition to being inspected by Ofsted, Church of England schools are also subject to regular, statutory inspection by the Church. These inspections are not merely an evaluation of the impact of the school’s Christian values on pupils but a rigorous assessment of all aspects of the school including; leadership, behaviour, wellbeing and quality of education. Following Ogbourne’s recent SIAMS the inspector has judged the school to be Excellent. According to the Church of England’s Education Office “Excellence reveals extraordinary, innovative practice. It sets incredibly high expectations for Church schools”.

Neil Revell, Lead Advisor from Salisbury Diocese, said “The Principal and the impact of his leadership shines through in the report. It is clear that he and his team are enabling everyone’s light to shine within a school that has a deep sense of care and positive relationships. Ogbourne is a school where everyone is truly valued”.

Read the full report here


12 year old Shanai Campbell is one talented individual who is taking the youth Graphic Art world by storm! A student of Fairfield High School in Bristol, Shanai has impressed many – including the BBC who approached her for an interview – with her inspirational and creative digital illustrations.


These are not an easy feat however… each of Shanai’s illustrations require hours and hours of dedication and precision as she creates an incredible 11 layers of graphics. Not surprisingly, Shanai is in demand, with orders of thank you cards, invitations, gifts and pictures from family and friends. This gives her some pocket money, with which to further develop her hobby; a recent purchase being a tablet to enable her to continue the dream.

Shanai comments: “It was Carlos Valdez, a cartoon maker on You Tube, who first inspired me to get into this kind of illustration. My technique is very different, however, and I’ve developed my own style using an app called Adobe Draw. I’m really loving what I’m doing and can spend hours and hours at a time, wondering sometimes where the weekend has gone to! At the moment this is a hobby which I love and hope will develop but my real ambition is to become an architect.”

Fairfield High School students choose Respect

Anti-Bullying Week 2018 is happening from Monday 12th – Friday 16th November 2018. It has the theme Choose Respect. The Anti-Bullying Alliance’s official secondary school was created by Unique Voice in conjunction with students from Fairfield High School The students involved in the film created beat poetry about what respect means to them. The Anti-Bullying Alliance then developed some lesson and assembly plans built around the film that schools can use.

The project, which took place in the summer term, consisted of a collaboration between a small number of students across different years from FHS who wrote and then created the thought-provoking video from scratch. The video will be shown to schools across the area during this important awareness week. It is clear that being given this project was a real privilege to the students involved; and that they are very aware of the potential impact it will have on their peers:

Deborah comments: “This was an area of interest to us all. Respect is important, not just in school but in every day lives. Everyone has the capability to be respectful.” Alice adds: “Communicating messages such as these across make the school environment nicer to be in as it will encourage everyone to respect everyone else.” Sahr concludes: “This video brings the community together. Once everyone’s respectful everyone can get on with each other. Our aim was to influence the youth in a language which talks to them and we’re happy we managed to do that.”

Rose Hooke, Achievement Co-ordinator at FHS comments: “I am so proud about the mature way in these students seized control of this video. The end result is a powerful, captivating and inspirational piece of footage, written by students, for students, which will undoubtedly make young people think twice before they act in the future. Well done Team Fairfield.”

Watch the video here