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John O’ Gaunt school students become West Berkshire’s Rounder’s Champions

John O’ Gaunt school students become West Berkshire’s Rounder’s Champions in their last ever game.

The high-achieving Year 11 Hungerford school students won the accolade in their last match of their school days in incredible fashion.

The players who again excelled themselves are Molly Terry, Maddie Robinson, Reese Matthews-Hewer, Finley Lawson-Sanchez, Chase Dundas, Charlotte Bright, Lucy Purnell, Courtney Hillier, along with the help of Molly Skipworth and Tayler Reynders.

Their success was made all the more impressive with most teams entering their sixth-formers – whereas JOG had only Year 10 and 11 students.

PE teacher Katie Eggbeer said: “The students were again outstanding in every way. We are so proud of them. A massive well done. We were competing against students much older and yet still won.

“It has been an absolute pleasure taking these students on their fixtures, they will be missed, but what a high to end on.”
In the final JOG beat St Gabriel’s Sixth form team.
JOG is a high-achieving school inspiring students to be exceptional in studies, performing arts, music, sports and a whole host of other areas.

JOG English teacher launches ‘Colour Mile’ event

A JOG English teacher inspired hundreds of students, staff and the wider community to raise money for great causes by launching the area’s first ever ‘Colour Mile’ at her old school.

Amid a riot of neon paint showers, 260 people took part in Hungerford’s first Colour Mile fun run – a spectacular event hosted by John O’Gaunt School and organised by English teacher Kelly Delaney.

Kelly hosted the event to raise money for Prospect Hospice in Swindon, where her mother was cared for before passing away in 2015.

The rest of the money raised went to JOG’s Parents and Students Association.

During the run, participants of all ages were showered with neon paint powder, making the rainbow dash a brilliant spectacle. There was a also a barbecue, bouncy castle and refreshments, plus other fun and attractions.

Ms Delaney said afterwards: “I feel it went really well. Everyone had a great day and I heard nothing but good things about the whole event.

“We ended up with 260 entries, which was amazing, and they were all ages, which was great to see.”

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‘The Flying Head Teacher’ skydiving to raise vital funds

Nicola Coupe, Principal of Burbage Primary School, is one seriously devoted head teacher! Nicola is preparing to jump out of an aeroplane at 15,000ft to raise money to develop her ‘growing school’.

On the 17th June, Nicola, who has an inherent fear of heights, will take the plunge in a bid to raise £8,500 towards fitting out the school’s new classroom and developing the school grounds as an outside classroom. This will include the creation of a butterfly-friendly wildlife area, fencing for the school’s chickens, vegetable and flower plots and a mud kitchen.

The school is looking to develop its ‘growing school’ status by improving the facilities for outside learning, which is a strong focus. The school team believe that learning outside the classroom and gaining real-life experience enable students to become global citizens. Nicola says: “It’s not only about what the children learn but how and where they learn. Outdoor lessons add value to classroom learning, helping to raise achievement and supporting development of key life skills such as problem-solving, co-operation and communication. The children at Burbage Primary School love our outdoor spaces as they offer opportunities for them to explore their creativity and sense of adventure!”

However, with crucial funds required for the development of the outdoor space, Nicola has found herself agreeing to do a sky dive in order to raise money. At 15,000ft, Nicola will be doing the highest skydive available in the UK and freefalling for 60 seconds. Nicola explains: “I can’t think about it too much as I am utterly terrified at the prospect. A whole minute feels like a long time to be falling through the sky! But, at Burbage Primary School we encourage our children to challenge themselves and that is exactly what I am doing in agreeing to jump out of an aeroplane! It’s a real moment of facing my fear!”

Nicola will be jumping with GoSkyDive near Salisbury, and the team there have assured the children of Burbage Primary School that they will look after their Principal! Nicola will also be joined by the Reception Class teacher, Bev Thompson, and one of the parents at the school, Anita Campbell who have offered their support by agreeing to jump too!

Nicola has set up a fundraising page where people can donate to her cause.

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