12 year old Shanai Campbell is one talented individual who is taking the youth Graphic Art world by storm! A student of Fairfield High School in Bristol, Shanai has impressed many – including the BBC who approached her for an interview – with her inspirational and creative digital illustrations.


These are not an easy feat however… each of Shanai’s illustrations require hours and hours of dedication and precision as she creates an incredible 11 layers of graphics. Not surprisingly, Shanai is in demand, with orders of thank you cards, invitations, gifts and pictures from family and friends. This gives her some pocket money, with which to further develop her hobby; a recent purchase being a tablet to enable her to continue the dream.

Shanai comments: “It was Carlos Valdez, a cartoon maker on You Tube, who first inspired me to get into this kind of illustration. My technique is very different, however, and I’ve developed my own style using an app called Adobe Draw. I’m really loving what I’m doing and can spend hours and hours at a time, wondering sometimes where the weekend has gone to! At the moment this is a hobby which I love and hope will develop but my real ambition is to become an architect.”