Trust Structure

Education Scrutiny Committee:

  • reviews the outcomes for each academy at the end of the academic year measured against targets sets and national comparative data;
  • agrees the performance measures for the forthcoming academic year;
  • holds the Executive to account for setting operational targets and achieving targets within agreed timescales;
  • monitors key measures including the quality of leadership and management across the Trust academies and central team performance

Audit Committee:

  • assists directors in ensuring internal financial controls are in place and adhered to
  • oversees the risk management process, considering the major risks, establishing and monitoring a risk register, assisting in the preparation
    of the statement on risk management for the annual report; ensuring risk management strategies are in place
  • monitors and reviews health and safety issues on a regular basis, drawing any matters to the attention of the Board
  • receives the Annual Report and Financial Statements for recommendation to the Board

Finance, Property & ICT Committee:

  • considers and recommends acceptance/rejection of the Trust’s budget
  • monitors and reviews the financial health and resources of the Trust to ensure long term viability
  • scrutinises and approves significant projects or items of expenditure, ensuring resources deliver value for money
  • oversees the commercial activities of the Trust and ensures that appropriate business plans are evolved

Staffing Committee:

  • reviews and recommend for approval Trust wide HR Policy; in particular, the strategies and policies for recruitment, retention, pay and
    rewards, training and professional development including apprenticeships
  • advises the Board on organisational change, HR compliance and risk management issues
  • considers and recommends acceptance/non-acceptance of the Trust’s organisational model and associated budget
  • approves new posts at leadership level and above

Function of Academy Committees:

  • supports and challenges Principals to improve certain aspects of the Academy
  • provides external input and skills
  • looks at the school through the lens of the child

Responsibility of Academy Committees:

  • formulate a culture, vision and ethos for the school
  • engage and promote the school within the local community
  • monitor and support the school with statutory safeguarding duties
  • support and challenge the Principal to ensure behaviour is effective in encouraging learning, inclusion and welfare

Chairs of Academy Committees come together in a regular Chairs Forum to support the sharing of effective practice and two-way communication with the Board of Directors.

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