Lambourn shares its exciting and enriching term

Lambourn Primary School has had so many wonderful experiences and educational opportunities this summer.

Year 6 children took part in an educational enrichment visit to The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. They had a personal tour of the House of Commons and House of Lords, and met with the school’s Member of Parliament, MP Laura Farris who was happy to welcome the children and answer questions. Enrichment and educational visits are integral to the school’s curriculum, being a powerful and positive teaching tool that positively impacts on the social, personal and emotional development of all learners.

This was emphasised by Ofsted when it visited in January 2023:

‘Personal development is a strength of the school. Pupils have a deep understanding of what it means to grow up in modern Britain.’

Laura Farris – Westminster Hall – Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London

Keeping Rivers healthy

Lambourn’s Year 4 children have participated in workshops run by ARK (Action for River Kennet) to learn about the importance of Chalk Streams and how the community can help to keep rivers healthy. As part of this, rather aptly, they learnt about The River Lambourn, its journey from source to mouth and what living things call it home. The children also visited Stonebridge Nature Reserve in Marlborough where they were able to wade in The Kennet, have lots of fun kick-sampling and then used pipets and magnifying glasses to investigate what they had caught!

Students discovered an abundance of freshwater shrimp, blue-winged olives, cased caddis and bullhead fry. They also had fun wading about to identify the aquatic and marginal plant species present as well as learning how to spot signs of water vole feeding. Whilst the class declared this a healthy stretch of river, they carried out social action by removing some litter from the water during their visit.

Percussion Performance

Lambourn was treated to an amazing percussion performance by its school musicians. They were showcasing what they had learned during the Spring Term, with Emma Stoffer from Berkshire Maestros.

The children spoke about the five elements of music they had studied: Pulse, Rhythm, Dynamics, Tempo and Pitch and how they used glockenspiels, drum pads, body percussion and their voices to explore these elements.

During the performance, they played an ensemble piece that they had composed themselves using the drum pads. They also sang in a round before the culmination of the performance, playing Star Wars on the glockenspiels in a two-part harmony.

National Numeracy Day 

Lambourn celebrated this important day by discussing how Maths is used in every aspect of people’s lives, whether at work or in practical everyday activities at home and beyond, such as going shopping, planning a holiday or deciding on a mortgage.

It encouraged the children to create pictures of their dream job or hobby by sharing how this uses numbers – the aim to let their imaginations run wild and inspire them to set goals to aspire to.

Students then joined Strictly Come Dancing’s star Katya Jones and BBC’s Numberblocks who helped to get the nation number confident with dynamite dance moves! In a hip-swinging activity the children followed Katya to help boost their number confidence by using movement.

It goes without saying that some of the grown-ups were keen to join in too!